Cardtronics and You

Cardtronics makes accessing your cash easier wherever you are, whenever you need it – with Cardtronics, your cash is always nearby.

Our extensive network of ATMs is available where you need it most all around the world – in big-box retail locations like Target and Costco, in pharmacy locations like CVS/pharmacy and Walgreens, in convenience locations like Speedway and Chevron in the U.S. or like Welcome Break and Shell in Europe and PetroCanada and Husky in Canada, in grocers like Kroger in the U.S. and Co-Op in Europe, in entertainment locations like Six Flags and Carnival Cruise Lines. From Canada to Australia, Cardtronics makes cash convenient.

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Find a Cardtronics ATM

A Cardtronics ATM is always nearby.

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The Benefits of Cash

We may be a little biased, but we think cash is still the best way to pay, and consumers and businesses around the world agree.

Consumer cash benefits are numerous:

  • It’s secure – never stored in a data vault or transmitted over a network where criminals can siphon off your identity and your financial life
  • Always ready to use, no power or network needed (ever try using a card after a big storm?)
  • Accepted virtually everywhere and everyone knows how to use it
  • No interest to pay
  • Easy budgeting

Cash benefits are for merchants too:

  • Inexpensive to accept with no transaction fees
  • No risk of data compromise
  • No special hardware or networks needed
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FAQs for Consumers

Cardtronics ATMs are located in every major metropolitan area across the United States in many of the retail locations you visit every day. To find a Cardtronics ATM near you, use the ATM Locator.

ATM Locator

You will be asked to pay a small surcharge fee to use most Cardtronics ATMs. Any fee charged by Cardtronics is in addition to any fees that may be assessed by your financial institution. Fees vary by location. You will be informed of any fees charged by Cardtronics before your transaction so you can decide if you want to proceed.

Allpoint is a surcharge-free ATM network owned by Cardtronics. If you are a customer of a bank or credit union participating in the Allpoint Network, you will not be charged a surcharge fee for using any ATM that is included in the Allpoint Network. Many, but not all, Cardtronics ATMs are included in the Allpoint Network. Participating ATMs will include an Allpoint Network sticker that looks like this:

Allpoint Logo Sticker

Contact your financial institution to find out if it participates in the Allpoint Network.

For more information about Allpoint, including an ATM locator with all Allpoint Network locations, visit

Contact Cardtronics toll-free at 1-800-786-9666 in the event of operational problems or to report suspicious activity.

For questions or problems with your transaction, please contact your financial institution directly.

Allpoint Image